Turtle Trail


“It’s been a true collaboration” says Amelia Fulmer, Arts Coordinator for the Flagler County School District and newly appointed Director of the Flagler Auditorium. “When we were approached by PCAF with the opportunity to be involved and thanks to the sponsor, we immediately put our heads together. The obvious site should be Old Kings Elementary School as it is the flagship marine sciences school in the district. We asked the art students at OKES to choose an artist that the high school art club would then create on the sculpture. The result was unanimous: Pablo Picasso would be the artist the elementary students wanted to see on their turtle. The art club students researched the works of Picasso, decided upon the design concept and started working.” Chelsea Schlaffer, faculty at the Flagler Palm Coast High School art department immediately accepted the challenge for the art club. “The students were very excited to be part of this public sculpture opportunity and began their design studies on Picasso. The result is an amazing montage of Picasso’s work.

Location: old kings elementary school, 301 old kings road, south, flagler beach